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3 G's for a great start of the day

The definition of healthy routine has changed in a dire manner over the years. A well sculpted body (pumped in the gym) and shimmering face(beauty products) has become the synonym of a healthy person. But there is more to it. Health, in its definition itself contains mental, social and physical well being as the vital principle. The pseudo-modern culture, as we see today, has developed its own parameters according to its ease. We are missing upon the essential facet of being mentally content. The fundamentals cannot be altered. To pace with the Modern world, we tend to forgo our mental peace and most of the time, our identity gets reduced to a mere piece of equipment. Here, I am sharing simple morning routine for a great start of the day. It is irrespective of your work genre and conviction. The simple 3Gs can be followed anywhere easily.

1. GET UP Getting up in morning can be tedious task for most of us. But if you are not waking up before sunrise, You are missing a lot from nature. This thought of getting up early might appear ridiculous to many of us, especially the ignorant swag bearers and blind-worshipers of western culture and pseudo-modern grown-ups (sleep late, get up late) But, mind you, in your quest to showcase yourself as a cool dude or something, you are missing out on a blissful experience. However, working late nights is a viable excuse for getting up late. But if you are able to manage a sleep of 6-8 hours in night, getting up early cannot be denied. The essence of early morning vibes is a different world altogether. Initially, you can take help of your alarm clock and subsequently switch over to the body clock. Yes, our body has its own clock and it can be programmed as well. Try it tonight. Just before you are about to fall asleep (of course, latest by 2300 hrs, not later than that), ask yourself to get up at a specific time. Initially, it might not work as it takes time to reprogram the clock. But can be easily achieved with regular practice, you can see results are yielding. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical reference book mentions the morning air to be worth of million dollar medicine. (Although , in present context, outside air is not medicine but polluted). Notwithstanding, early morning air is low on pollutant content compared to rest of the day.

2. GRATEFUL Do not jump out of bed immediately after you have woken up. As our mind needs some time to get ready for functioning properly. It is similar to the booting time required by a computer. Let it start properly. Open your eyes, keep lying in the bed for a few moments and do the most important task of the day, just take your time to be GRATEFUL for what you have. You can be grateful for each and everything you have in life, no matter how small or insignificant it is. This is the foremost thing to remember before we start our day. By appreciating and being grateful for the things, we have in our life, we attract more of it. So, be sure that you remember all the beautiful things in your life and not the problems. To be more specific, you can make a list of things, you are glad of, having in your life viz your family, friends, home, relations, job, car.......and so on. Next you sit on your bed and stretch your body. Now get down from the bed and stretch again. Drink at least 01 litre of luke warm water (sitting, avoid drinking water while in standing posture and sip the water rather than gulping it down in one go). Luke warm water when taken empty stomach in the morning is a therapy followed in most parts of the world. It acts as a detoxifying agent for our stomach. It also hydrates our body (we haven’t supplied water to our body during the sleeping hours). It can be kept the previous night preferably in a copper flask (more beneficial) or you can get it ready at the same moment in the morning. To your requirement, lemon and honey can be added to it. Lemons, being rich in vitamin C, to add radiance and trim down fat & Honey having anti-microbial properties are a healthy amalgamation. Take out 02 cloves of garlic and chew it (it tastes bitter, add honey to your rescue !). Garlic is used to improve blood circulation in the body. Hence, it gives a boost to the re-circulation system of the body.

Get yourself done with the daily toiletry routine. Now you are ready to start your day.

3. GO OUT The third G asks you to go out. Go out of your bedroom. It can be either for a walk, a slow jogging, Yogasan or as simple as to get a view of outside. You were asleep for last 6-8 hours, give your eyes a soothing glimpse of this beautiful world. You can choose as per your convenience and inclination. It gives refreshment to the whole body and mind. Spend a few minutes outside, looking at the sky, the surroundings, and people around you. This is the only time (in cities) to see some beautiful birds chirping happily. You will find the world around us is so different at this early hour of morning. A few hours and everybody get engaged in the hustle of daily life. But this moment is bliss. It can’t be compared with all the physical amenities available to us. Give this time to yourself as for the rest of the day; you are going to work for others. Think about yourself and try to connect with the universe. You can practice meditation, Yoga, Simple workout or nothing at all. But the key here is to step out and look around. Try to feel the morning breeze and appreciate it. But do not think about anything except yourself. The idea is to spend some time in solitude with self.

Well, It is understood that many of us would complaint about scarcity of time and non-availability of resources. Mind you, this is an excuse that you are giving to yourself. The above mentioned routine hardly takes 15-20 minutes to follow and can be very well managed. But it has immense benefit on our mental health as well as physical well being.

Try the above routine and let us know about your experience in the comment box.

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