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'Confidence is worth INR 300' !

Staying in Goa had its own fun (as a bachelor). But it taught an important lesson of life that confidence is very cheap or I would say worth INR 300. It happened when I tried obtaining a two wheeler driving license. The procedure says to apply for a learner license followed by an exam (verbal/ non-verbal pertaining to traffic rules). After obtaining a learner license, I was required to appear for a riding test to prove to the RTO that yes, I am a safe rider and deserve a driving licence. Getting a learner license was not a tricky task. The bell for the cat was the TEST. I inquired my colleagues who had appeared earlier for the riding test about their opinion on the skill test (know your enemy- SunTzu !). They had varying narratives but all of them were in a unison for the examining staff being very austere and if anything goes off beam, you might get failed. Although I had been riding bike since my school days, however, a sense of trepidation materialized. Fear is an innate retort to anything and everything unfamiliar and it never happens in solitude. With fear, follows the unscrupulous logic of getting chore accomplished either by hook or crook. Its intuitive or what I used to call it NHT- Natural Human Tendency ( we all have our own theories). I was not the first, who was trying this stunt for jugaad. I gathered to know that there is SOMEONE who can get the things done for sure or to be specific- a Mid-man ( the savior). He will ensure that I pass the test and get my licence. I have to just go for the test and appear for it. He assured that even if I fail, he will get the things stage managed as he had some BIG links inside the authorities ( we all know how government works, don't we ?). The only piddly price tag for this larger than life undertaking was a sum of INR 300/- to be paid and that too came with another attractive bid- in any case, if I fail the test (notwithstanding him shooting all his arrows), he will return my money back. It was probably the best money back guarantee schemes , I had heard so far. So, here was the course of action- I pay the money, go for test (without worrying), ride the bike like any other day( INR 300 surety scheme), pass for sure (the guy has big links), get my license (ride straight away to Panjim !). However, if my stars are just too bad, 'I could fail' but not to bother, I get my money back. We were a total of 3 colleagues, Amit, Rajat and myself, who were appearing for the test. Other two paid him the money, but somehow at the very last moment, I was averse to try this disreputable way. I settled on to appear for the test on my own and try to pass it. I had my own conception for this. Even if I get failed, I can try my next attempt with the Mid-man scheme. Out of 3 of us, Rajat was not so confident in riding two wheeler. Belonging to a hilly state, he never had learnt riding and was trying hard for previous few months. The D-day arrived, as it appeared for us that time. Accept it or not, but every time you appear for an EXAM, no matter how insignificant it may be, an eerie sense prevails . As luck would have it, two of us made through the test and the hilly guy failed . But he was not at all worried for he had already paid for that FOOL PROOF scheme. Not withstanding with the test, he was sure of the INR 300 scheme. The mid-man had promised and he would definitely deliver it. But to his utter surprise and our wonder, the Mid-man returned his money being apologetic. He said that the officer, who was taking test today, was adamant and was not on good terms with him.Despite his best efforts (as per him) , nothing could have been done and thus he returned the money (what an honest guy !). Rajat was not alone bearing this fateful tragedy. Similar was the case with a few more people who appeared for the test and got failed & ironically there were guys like Amit, who had paid the money and got their test pass with assurance. Same Mid-man was acclaiming the credit for it. A lightening thought strike in my mind. I could comprehend the entire formula of this assurance game. I could relate the 'money back scheme' very evidently. Most of us had passed the test by our own driving skills ONLY. And those who were not so proficient, got failed. The mediocre, like Amit were given CONFIDENCE for just INR 300 ! The crook guy was selling confidence for INR 300. Yes ! he was selling confidence. If you pass, he would acclaim the credit and money. If you fail, he would speak out some or other justification (like in Rajat's case) and forfeit your money back. Actually, he was doing 'Nothing'. He was just selling confidence. His assurance gave people the excitement needed for the test. He removed the Worry from our mind and the test became like any other day of riding. In our minds, we were sure of making it, hence we rode confidently, without being too cautious. There was no pressure of performance. This happens in almost all the cases where some or other mid-man appears to get our things done because we believe that he has Big links. It is our worry that is failing us even before the test happens and on the other hand a confidence worth 300 bucks make us sail through.The point to ponder is if Confidence is the key ingredient of success and it is easily available for just INR 300, why we are failing to achieve what we endure for ! Isn't it our own worry hindering our path to glory. Next time you are feeling under- confident or timid, check your wallet, Do You have INR 300 ?

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